Problems which can cancel or delay your test



 Before the test

1- Vehicle

A) Major Infractions: Examiners won’t take you for test

  • Expired Sticker, your license plate sticker should be valid
  • Flate tire or very bald tires
  • Signals and all brake light should be working (one burned-out bulb and they do not take you for the test!)
  • The horn should be working
  • No major Crack on the front windshield
  • Your side mirrors broken
  • Your seatbelt or passenger side not working properly

B) Minor infractions: examiners may take you for the test (depend on how strict your examiner is)

  • Low pressure of your tires
  • Slightly Bald tires
  • Absence of your car seat headrest for back seat
  • Your front passenger car seat malfunction
  • Your heather does not work (in winters)
  • Big bicycle rack that can obstruct the rear window of your car
  • Your passenger side seat be broken or can’t be adjusted
  • Carrying huge loads on the roof rack

2- Registration

For registration you should have this information:

  • Your license
  • Name and address (Exactly as written on your license)
  • Car plate
  • Car colour
  • Car model
  • Where you park your car

 (If have parked on the numbered parking lot, you should know parking spot number)

During the test

  • Be Calm
  • The examiner will ask your name and date of birth
  • They also will ask if Are you using Glasses or contact lenses and if you have any health problems (for example, a heart condition, cognitive impairment, eye site etc.)
  • If you do not understand the examiner’s command, ask again.
  • If they don’t give you any direction command, it means you should go straight.
  • Look around by moving your head (not your eyes)
  • You should keep right on multi Line Streets unless the examiner tells you otherwise.
  • Always full stop at the stop sign

After the test

A-If you passed your test, thank your examiner and go inside the test center and get your license.

B- If you Failed your test, “Do not get mad!” Thank your examiner because you may get the same examiner for your next examination (and they have an excellent memory!)

Keep your record of the test (yellow page) or if its digital go to drive test center and get the printout. It helps you to know why you failed, and it shows your weak point ( learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them).