Examiner will choose where you do three-point-turn. 

  1. Check the place is safe and legal; see U-TURN Prohibitions.
  2. Check front and your mirrors for oncoming vehicles
  3. Mirror, Signal, blind spot for the right (m.s.b.) bring the car to complete stop at 30 cm from the curb (approach slowly).
  4. Mirror, Signal, blind spot for left (m.s.b.) move forward very slowly and turn your wheel to the left, get as close to the curb, but don’t touch the curb.
  5. stop
  6. Gear in reverse turn wheel to right Signal to the right and move slowly and check surrounding while backing gets close to the curb behind don’t touch the curb pay more attention to the left side mirror.
  7. Stop
  8. Gear in drive position turning your steering wheel to the left, Mirror, Signal, blind spot to the left check your surroundings, move slowly forward, don’t hit the curb.
  9. Proceed when the way is clear
  10. Check mirrors and speed up to flow of traffic.


  • In a three-point-turn, during the test, it is essential to avoid hitting the curb (even if it means dry steering because dry steering costs you 2 points but hitting curb will fail you).
  • Check for oncoming traffic from both sides be patient
  • Do not go in driveways of houses.
  • When you are backing up, check backward by turning your head.
  • Remember in three-point turn you always turn your wheel all the way: (All the way to the left – All the way to the right  -All the way to the left )