Plaza Park (Backing in)

At the end of the test, the examiner will ask you to park your car designated spot, which can be between two lines or between two vehicles.

  1. First, check for safety by scanning the parking spot and around it for cars and pedestrians.
  2. Check your mirrors, signal into the direction of your turn and check the blind spot.
  3. Position your car at two parking spots after parked vehicles (Pass the parking spot).
  4. For most of the sedan cars, when your steering wheel reached to end of the second place after your parking spot, turn your wheel all the way to the direction of the turn.
  5. Aim and steer into the place hold steering wheel with two hands and check backward by turning your head.
  6. Straighten your vehicle check if you are straight by side mirrors.
  7. Engage parking place, gear in the park position and Turn off the car.


  • When the examiner showed your parking spot, don’t get too close to it, have around 2 meters distance from the edge of parked cars or end of the lines of parking spots.
  • Check for the pedestrian who may pass between cars.
  • Check for passengers of the parked vehicles to do not open doors of their cars.
  • If you feel your aim is wrong and you are getting close to the parked vehicles, immediately stop and move forward and start again.
  • When you are backing up, check your surroundings by turning your head, don’t focus on mirrors only.
  • Usually, examiners give a couple of chances to correct your park, don’t worry about doing it on the first attempt, but it is crucial to do not get too close to other vehicles.