Parallel Park

Examiner will choose which car you do parallel park.

  1. Signal to the right pulls up even to the first car (approach slow). Have about 2-3 feet distance from parked car mirror to mirror (check nobody is in the parked car; if someone is in the car mention that to the examiner).
  2. Start backing up until your right side mirror reaches the front edge of the back tire of another car.
  3. Stop
  4. While stopped, turn your wheel one full turn to the right, don’t move forward or back while doing this turn
  5. Turn around and look out the back of your car check for cars and pedestrians.
  6. Start backing up check your right side mirror and make a 45-degree angle with the curb
  7. Stop
  8. While stopped, turn your two turns to the left and then move once your car is parallel to the curb stop moving.
  9. While stopped, turn your wheel one turn to the right.
  10. Engage parking brakes gear in the park position and turn off your car.


  • In the parallel park for tests, remember, don’t get very close to the car and don’t hit the curb!
  • Examiners very rarely want you to park between two cars. They always prefer you to do a parallel park beside one car it is easier for you and them!
  • Be very careful when you are exiting the park position. Other vehicles have the right of way over you check both directions (back and front of your car).
  • Above procedure is called 1-2-1 style (1 turn to the right- 2 turn to the left – 1 turn the right) 
  • This style is easy and good for Parallel Park beside one car, which is the case for 99% of the driving test in GTA (Rarely examiners wants to park between two vehicles).