Left turn at the major intersection With Green Light

When examiner command you to make a left turn at the intersection

  1. Lane changes to the left in advance when approaching the intersection and, if you have left-turn lane scan, then check (mirrors, signal, blind spot) and then go to the left turn lane.
  2. Reduce speed to 20 km then enter the intersection as the first car scan for cars and pedestrians.
  3. Yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.
  4. When there is no cars and pedestrian in or near intersection steer your vehicle to the maximum left lane.
  5. Accelerate and recover steering.
  6. As soon as it safe check (mirrors, signal, blind spot) and change lane to the right.
  7. Check your mirrors and flow with traffic or speed limits.


  • In the driving test, do not enter as the second car into the intersection because if the first car turns slowly, you have to turn at the red light which, is not ideal for the test.
  • Remember if you entered as the first car into the intersection you have to clear the intersection, it means you may turn with the green light or yellow or even red but you have to complete the turn you can’t stay in the middle of the intersection, and you can’t back up!
  • Be extra observant for pedestrians at the left of the car at the intersection.

Left turn At Major intersection with advance Greenlight (Green arrow)

At the left turn, when you get a green arrow, usually as the first or second car, you can complete your turn quickly. (Time frame of advance green light is different for every intersection.)

As the third and fourth car, you may get the yellow arrow in this case if you were behind the white line of pedestrian crossing stop and yield (for vehicles and pedestrian), but if you passed the white line and green arrow light changed to yellow complete the turn cautiously.


  • Turn about 20 km
  • Always aim for the left lane of the road and if its multiline road change lane to the right when it is safe without waiting for examiners tell you (remember always you should keep right on your test)