Exiting The Freeway

1- Wait for the command of the examiner to tell you to exit. (They will say to you in advance)

2- Aim high and look ahead

3- Change lane to the right (in Most of drive test centers, exit lane is on the right side)

When it safe to do change lane to the exit ramp, first M.S.B. (Mirrors, signal, Blindspot) and then enter from the beginning of the broken lane.

4- Speed

Do not slowdown on the freeway unless you are on the deceleration lane.  Most students fail because they slow down prematurely. Keep your speed 100 (at 400 series freeways) until you enter into the deceleration lane.

5- On deceleration lane, reduce your speed and keep your distance from front vehicles and check your speedometer regularly.

6- Commonly, at drive test centers at the end of the exit ramp, you will reach a traffic light which examiner will tell you to do a right turn or left turn.


Do not slowdown prematurely.

One of the most common mistakes during the highway test is reducing speed too early.