Entering a Freeway

1- Scan

Before entering into freeway check traffic to determine your speed

2- Ramp speed

Read the speed limit posted on the ramp (yellow signs), and your speed should be close to the posted sign.

Note: For curved ramps, the speed limit usually is 30-40 km at the beginning of ramps. (e.g., Newmarket)

            For Straight ramps speed limit, usually 50-60 km at the beginning of ramps. (Downsview)

3- Ramp spacing

Have at least 3 seconds following distance from vehicles ahead of you.

4- Speed up

At the end of the ramp when you got parallel to freeway speed up

5- Scan traffic and assess traffic speed.

6- When the yellow line on left-hand side change to white line M.S.B. (Mirrors, signal, Blindspot)

7- Merging

Accelerate according to traffic speed

A- When traffic moves slower than the posted limit (e.g. 100) merge with traffic speed.

B- If traffic moves faster than the limit (e.g. 120), you will merge with the posted limit (e.g. 100).

C- When there is no traffic, just merge with the posted speed sign (e.g. 100).

And then merge by checking for a gap and increase your speed and adjust your speed if it was necessary.


When merging to the 400 series highways speed up to 100 KM or if traffic moves slower merge with traffic speed (Don’t merge with slow speed if there is no traffic).