Emergency Parking (G-test)

Examiner will tell where to park your car. The examiner can say pull over, park or Emergency Park.

  1. Check for safety and legality.
  2. Mirrors, Right signal, Right blind spot (m.s.b).
  3. Move slowly toward curb Position your car close to the curb (30 cm).
  4. Bring the car to a complete stop.
  5. Engage parking brakes and gear in the park position.
  6. Push the Hazard warning light button.
  7. Turn off your car.

Leaving parking position

  1. Examiner will tell when to leave the park position.
  2. Check for oncoming vehicles and pedestrians.
  3. Turn off hazard warning light.
  4. Turn on the car, unengaged parking brake, Gear on drive position.
  5. Check mirrors, left signal, left blind spot (m.s.b).
  6. Turn your wheel slightly to the left and start to move slowly and speed up to the traffic limit. 


Checking legality means:

Check for fire hydrant always park 3 meters away from it.

Don’t park in front of the driveway of houses.

Check for NO PARK signs.

In Emergency Park, there is NO uphill or downhill park involved.

Remember, examiners never trick you and ask any illegal actions (They can’t ask you to park where you should not park).